Tournament Information

The event consists of 3 separate tournaments running in parallel, one for each of the age bracket (U16, U18, U20). There are 6 teams in each age bracket, one each from the countries of Canada, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Slovakia, Swizterland and USA.
Each team plays each other team in the group once and when all games have been played the teams play one further positional playoff game. That means the the teams that finished 5th and 6th play each other to decide their final positions, 4th plays 3rd and 2nd plays 1st in order to decide the overall winner of the competition.

Tournament Standings


Canada U165282615
Slovakia U165261112
Czech Republic U16523109
USA U1651406
Switzerland U16511-43
Great Britain U1652-430


Slovakia U185171212
Czech Republic U185211611
Canada U18516811
USA U1859-26
Switzerland U1857-45
Great Britain U1855-310


Canada U205333015
Slovakia U205272012
Czech Republic U20528149
USA U2051916
Switzerland U2056-293
Great Britain U2055-360

Tournament Rules

Game Structure

Game Length

Games consists of 3 periods of 15 minutes stop clock with a 5 minute intermission between periods and a 10 minute warm-up prior to the start of the game.


The winner of each game gets 3 points. In the case of a tie, each team gets 1 point. There will then follow a best of 3 shoot-out. If the teams are still tied after 3 shots, the shoot-out will move to sudden death. Winning on penalty shots gives the winning team an extra point. The score will be recorded as the game score with an extra goal added for the winning team.


The home team on the schedule will wear dark jerseys.


The ranking within a group shall be decided in the following order:
  • a) The total number of points
  • b) If two or more teams have the same number of points the internal match of the teams concerned, the internal goal difference included if necessary, shall be decisive. (Note for decision : A maximum 10 goal differential shall be recognized in any one game for the purpose of the tie-break procedures)
  • c) If internal matches according to b) are not decisive, most scored goals internally shall be decisive
  • d) If the ranking can be decided by the interal matches the total goal diffrence of the teams concerned shall be decisive.
  • e) If the total goal difference is not decisive most scored goals of the teams concerned shall be decisive
  • f) If two or more team are definitvely tied after points a) to e) a shoot out of all teams concerned will be decisive. For this shoot out every team involved has to dress at least 10 players and two goalkeepers. Normal shoot out rules apply (see opposite). For the shoot out (especially if three or more team are total tied) the points a) to e) will be applied again

Overtime and Shoot-outs

Any game that needs a winner will go into overtime if tied after 45 minutes.
  • - The teams play in the same direction as they did at the end of the 3rd.
  • - Overtime is sudden death.
  • - Overtime is 5 minutes (10 minutes for final).
  • - If tied after overtime, the game moves to a shoot-out.
  • - Each team starts with 3 shots, each taken by a different player.
  • - A coin toss will decide who shoots first.
  • - If tied after 3 shots, the games into sudden death penalty shots.
  • - There are no restrictions on who takes the penalty shots in sudden death rounds.
  • - You can change your netminder after each shot